Rates Payments

Annual Instalment Due Dates

Instalment 1 - 31 August

Instalment 2 - 30 November

Instalment 3 - 28 February

Instalment 4 - 31 May

Overdue rates and charges will incur an interest charge of  8.5% per annum.

The Hardship Rate Relief Concession
In certain circumstances, Council will grant a Pensioner Rate Concession to eligible pensioners who are solely responsible for payment of rates on a property, notwithstanding the nature of ownership of the property. (eg Where a property is in the name of a deceased estate.)

The Hardship Rate Relief Concession Application Form is used for this purpose.

Council does not provide concessions to non-pensioners.

 Fire & Emergency Services Levy

The FESL will help provide life-saving equipment, firefighters, staff and volunteers, training, infrastructure and community education activities for our fire and emergency services. The NSW Government and local government also make a direct contribution to funding these agencies.

The FESL commences on 1 July 2017, and will replace the existing Emergency Services Levy payable on insurance premiums.

If you would like information on how your land has been classified for the FESL as well as some answers to frequently asked questions, click on this link: 


If you would like a quick calculator to estimate how much you will be paying for the FESL, click on this link: 


If you feel that your property has been incorrectly classified for FESL purposes, download the FESL Reclassification Request form, complete it and return to council either in person or via post – don’t forget to sign it!

Download documents
Application for Payment Arrangements Form (pdf 15kb)

Pensioner Concession Application Form (pdf 189kb)

Pensioner Concession Information Sheet (pdf 85kb)

Hardship Rate Relief Concession Application Form (pdf 294kb)

FESL Reclassification Request Form (pdf 214kb)


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