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Top Wood Burner Tips

Aside from the ecological impacts, burning wood can also have a negative affect on air quality, creating small particle pollution that can cause respiratory problems, & it creates a lot of mess in the house! Service your burner regularly & check that the chimney is clean. Replace broken firebricks & insulate the flue to retain heat. If your wood burner is more than 10 years old it may need replacing. Some products on the market may assist with the efficiency & maintenance of your burner.

Your firewood must be well seasoned. Excess moisture wastes heat. Wet or damp wood also makes your fire hard to light & smokier. Burning in small hot fires produces less air pollution than large, smouldering fires containing large firewood logs. Light your fire only when it is needed. If you are using your burner while leaving a window open because it is too warm, or find yourself wearing light clothing around the house, reconsider whether you need to operate it, or operate it for as long. The general energy efficiency of your home will have a big impact on how well your burner is able to heat your home. A well insulated house should need less wood fuel to heat it. Ceiling batts really make a big difference!

Consider the actual cost of the fuel source. Unless you are getting your wood for free, it is not necessarily the cheapest way to heat your home. Running your reverse cycle air conditioner may be a cheaper option. If you are supplementing your electricity use with solar PV using reverse cycle air conditioning has even less impact on the environment.

If you are buying a new wood burner ensure it is the right size for the rooms being heated & it meets emissions standards. A wood heater performs better if located near the centre of the home & not against an outside wall. The heater should be installed by a professional. If you thinking about replacing your wood burner it is worth looking into the cost of installing & running an alternative heating system for your home.

Do not burn wet wood, green wood, painted wood, railway sleepers, plywood, household rubbish or plastics & glossy paper in your wood burner.