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Responsible Pet Ownership

Council encourages all pet owners to be responsible for their pet's actions. Pets are referred to as 'companion animals'.

Pet Education
Uralla Shire Council’s Ranger is currently working on delivering pet education to students of all ages in the Shire on being a “Responsible Pet Owner”. This initiative will reduce serious injuries to our community’s children and their families when handling animals. On these school visit’s we will be covering topics including walking dogs safely, meeting new animals, reading animal behaviour, what to do if a dog is aggressive, where to walk your dog in Uralla on/off leash. We will be issuing brochures for the children to take home so parents or siblings can learn too. Best of all we will do some games and demonstrations for the children to learn and have fun at the same time.

Pet Tags
Dogs and cats must wear a tag that states name, address and phone number or any combination of the three.

A few things to remember…

  • Ensure all food is stored in sealed containers
  • Ensure clean water is available at all times
  • Don't leave food or scraps lying around as this may attract rodents or vermin
  • Only put food in a clean tray and take the tray away overnight
  • Regularly clean out animal shelters, ensuring all waste is removed and disposed of appropriately
  • Take care not to wash waste products into adjoining properties or watercourses
  • Ensure the land is adequately fenced and cages are vermin and rodent proof
  • Provide adequate shelter from sun, rain and wind
  • Limit the animals kept to a manageable number
  • Avoid keeping roosters in residential areas as they are noisy animals and
  • Careful consideration should be taken to the placement of bird cages/aviaries. They should be located as far away from neighbouring residences as possible.
  • Microchip & Lifetime Register your Cat & Dog