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Animal Control 

Investigating and resolving animal control, environmental and littering issues in the Community 
  • Seizure of roaming dogs
  • Barking dogs
  • Dogs or Cats causing a nuisance
  • Breaking up, investigating and resolving dog attacks
  • Impounding livestock roaming or trespassing
  • Microchip & Lifetime Registration compliance
  • Responsible pet ownership education
  • Rubbish dumping & littering
  • Overgrown properties
  • On-site sewage management inspections
Please report or discuss any of the above issues with Council on
All personal information with reporting matters will be kept confidential.
Animal Issues                                                                                                                          
Any investigation or action undertaken by our Ranger with animal matters is in accordance with local policy and the NSW Companion Animals Act, 1998 and Impounding Act, 1993.                                                                                                                         
Stray animals
Stray dogs and livestock will be collected by our Council Ranger between:
Monday to Friday.
7:15am – 3:45pm

Outside of these hours the public is allowed to hold the animal if possible then contact the Ranger to collect in working hours. It is against the law to hold a stray animal longer than 72 hours unless authorised to do so by a government body.

CAA Sec.62 (1) Minimum Penalty $550 Maximum Penalty $3,300

If a stray is found on a weekend you are advised to take it to the Armidale Animal Shelter. Strays not causing harm will not be collected by any Council staff out of working hours.

Aggressive Dogs / Stray livestock on a public road
Any Aggressive dogs causing harm or livestock roaming on a public road are to be reported to Council immediately. The Ranger or after hours staff will attend and if for some reason Council is unable to assist you must notify the Police. This service is to investigate and resolve the matter to reduce further harm or prevent further incidents from happening.

Council and the Police.are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for handling such matters.

Impounded animals

Animals may be impounded by either Uralla Shire Council or handed into Council by a tourist or local resident. All animals released from an Animal Shelter in NSW must be microchipped and lifetime registered regardless of any exemption status.
Uralla Release Fees
Seized or impounded animals will be released to their owner after payment of the pound fees at the Council’s administration, which are;
Dogs/Cats release fees
$45 1st Release
$113.20 2nd and subsequent
Livestock Impounding release fee $108
Maintenance per day; these fees cover the care of the animals
$17.50 per day Dogs, Cats & Large livestock
$ 8.25 per day Small livestock (sheep/goats)
Uralla Pound 6778 6300
The Armidale Animal Shelter
Is located off the Saumarez Road on the southern side of Armidale Airport. Is open to the public Monday to Saturday and is designed to reunite pets with their owners and re-home unclaimed pets. All Uralla inquiries for lost animals are to be done through Council’s administration.
Uralla will hold animals initially but if the owner is unable to be found or located, the animals will then be taken to the Armidale Shelter.
Adopted animals
Animals from the Shelter are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, and life-long registered.
Prices: Dogs $270 Cats $250
To look at animals needing good homes go to the internet link below;
Animal Shelter Manager:  Phil Evans  Email:  Ph. 6771 5498
Armidale Shelter Opening Times
Monday - Friday
9:00am - 11:00am
2:30pm - 5:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 10:00am

Armidale Release Fees
$60 1st Release within 12 months
$110 2nd and subsequent impounding within 12 months
Maintenance per day
$17 per day
Microchipping: Is available, call Phil at the Shelter 6771 5498
Surrendering animals
Pet owners should attempt to rehouse their pets prior to contacting the Uralla Ranger or Armidale Animal Shelter. Try advertising to re-home your pet by:
  • Asking friends and family
  • Ask your corner store, vet clinics and pet shops if they would display an advertisement
  • Place an advertisement in the local paper, radio station or on the internet (facebook buy swap sell groups are very effective).
  • All dogs and cats are to be microchipped before sold or given away.

CAA Sec. 8 (4) Minimum Penalty $165 Maximum Penalty $ 880

NOTE: There is no guarantee your pet will be rehoused. Once it is kept for the time you have paid for it to be at the Shelter and has not been rehoused, it will be euthanized.
Animals available for re-homing are desexed, vaccinated, wormed, have microchip implants and are lifetime registered. Details of available animals will be regularly posted on the Animal Shelter website:
Or lost animals that an owner can not be identified will be displayed on this page of Uralla Shire Council’s website.

Cat Trap Hire
Hiring a cat trap requires a $50.00 deposit, refundable when the cat trap is returned. Failure to return the cat trap by the nominated date will forfeit the deposit.

Anti-Barking Dog Citronella Collar Hire
Council has Citronella collars for hire to assist reduce your dog from barking.  There is a small refundable deposit and a weekly fee to hire one.  We currently have 2 available.  All inquiries for hiring one can be done at Councils administration.

Fines - Information and Payment
The State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) website provides detailed information about fines, penalties and infringement notisces, including how to pay or request a review.

State Debt Recovery Office

Additional Information

Microchipping & Registration
Responsible Pet Ownership
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