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Local Heritage Assistance Fund

Each year, Uralla Shire Council with assistance from the Heritage Branch of the Office of Environment and Heritage, offers small grants to property owners for maintenance works on older buildings in the local government area.

This grant funding is used as an incentive to assist property owners of heritage listed items that are identified in the Uralla Shire Council Local Environmental Plan and encourage as much positive work on heritage items in the area as possible.

Projects funded through this program may include (and not be limited to): conservation works and maintenance works projects; adaptive reuse projects; urban design projects that support heritage; interpretation projects; and conservation
management plans.

Projects that are normally funded include:

  • repairing walls, verandahs, windows or roof plumbing on older buildings,
  • repairing or reconstructing traditional front fences or other boundary work
  • to protect older houses or sites, and
  • repairing and conserving older buildings, historic remnants or grave sites.

Funding will not be provided for:

  • new buildings, extensions or unsympathetic work,
  • routine maintenance (eg lawn mowing, gutter cleaning or carpet cleaning),
  • projects where adequate funding is available from the applicant or other
  • sources,
  • projects where substantial government assistance has been previously provided,
  • projects where the applicant has yet to complete other assisted projects,
  • new commemorative monuments or works,
  • purchase of heritage buildings,
  • relocation of buildings or work to relocated buildings,
  • private headstones, unless there is no possibility of descendent support for the project.

The maximum level of funding per project will be generally limited to $2,000.00 and not exceed 50% of the value of the project. Greater funding may be made if the circumstances warrant it.

The property owner will be required to provide at least matching finance for the project and there will be cases where they may wish to contribute more to the project.

2016/17 Heritage Fund Grant Guidelines (109 KB)     2016/17 Heritage Fund Application Form (110 KB)