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Uralla Heritage Study

The gazettal of the Uralla Local Environmental Plan 2012 (LEP) in March 2012 resulted in the loss of higher order protection of the Uralla and Bundarra commercial heritage precincts; hence the NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure provided financial assistance under the Planning Acceleration Local Environmental Plan Fund for the completion of a heritage review.

The last Uralla Heritage Study was undertaken in 1987. Since that time, what is covered by a heritage study has progressed considerably. A heritage item is defined in the standard instrument dictionary as ‘a building, work, place, relic, tree, object or archaeological site’, and heritage significance means ‘historical, scientific, cultural, social, archaeological, architectural, natural or aesthetic value’.

In 2009 Council commissioned Stage 1 for a draft Historic Context Report. It looked at the historic themes for Uralla Shire, including; physical environment; pre contact period; European exploration and occupation 1818-1850; transport and communication; towns and localities, mining and Thunderbolt; closer settlement; and 20th century developments.

Historic Context Report

Stage 2 has included the preparation of a heritage inventory. This included a review of the LEP, and of previous studies. It excluded Aboriginal heritage and the Rocky River Goldmining precinct. Separate studies will be undertaken for these at a future date.

There were 88 places excluded that were identified in previous studies. There are 273 proposed items listed for consideration by Council for inclusion. This includes the current 62 items already listed in the LEP. Also recommended is an extension and an exclusion to the Uralla Commercial Heritage precinct, and 3 new conservation precincts. The existing 4 heritage precincts are:

CO1 - Bundarra (commercial) Precinct (pdf 386kb)
CO2 - Rocky River Gold Precinct (pdf 589kb)
CO3 - Uralla (commercial) Precinct (pdf 540kb)
CO4 – Wollun Village Precinct (Existing) (pdf 231kb)

There are 3 new heritage precincts proposed:

CO5 – Bridge Street South Precinct (pdf 472kb)
CO6 – Queen & Park Streets Precinct (pdf 314kb)
CO7 – Gostwyck Street Precinct (pdf 499kb)

At Council’s Ordinary meeting on 17 December 2012, it resolved to advertise the draft heritage study for public submissions during the period Monday 7 January 2013 until Monday 4 February 2013 and to advise all affected owners individually.

If you have any queries please contact Council’s Technical Service Department on 6778 6390.

The report provided by Heritage Planning Consultant Susan Jackson-Stepowski.

Download documents

Report (pdf 777kb)

Report Annexure (pdf 4,742kb)

Uralla Heritage Inventory Index (pdf 39kb)

Uralla SHI items 2540001 to 2540010 

Uralla SHI items 2540011 to 2540020

Uralla SHI items 2540021 to 2540030

Uralla SHI items 2540032 to 2540040

Uralla SHI items 2540041 to 2540050

Uralla SHI items 2540052 to 2540059

Uralla SHI items 2540114 to 2540120

Uralla SHI items 2540121 to 2540130

Uralla SHI items 2540131 to 2540140

Uralla SHI items 2540143 to 2540150

Uralla SHI items 2540153 to 2540159

Uralla SHI items 2540163 to 2540166

Uralla SHI items 2540172 to 2540175

Uralla SHI items 2540181 to 2540190

Uralla SHI items 2540191 to 2540200

Uralla SHI items 2540202 to 2540209

Uralla SHI items 2540211 to 2540220

Uralla SHI items 2540221 to 2540229

Uralla SHI items 2540231 to 2540240


Uralla SHI items 2540242 to 2540249

Uralla SHI items 2540251 to 2540260

Uralla SHI items 2540261 to 2540270

Uralla SHI items 2540272 to 2540278

Uralla SHI items 2540283 to 2540300

Uralla SHI items 2540301 to 2540307

Uralla SHI items 2540311 to 2540320

Uralla SHI items 2540321 to 2540329

Uralla SHI items 2540331 to 2540350

Uralla SHI items 2540351 to 2540360

Uralla SHI items 2540362 to 2540370

Uralla SHI items 2540372 to 2540379

Uralla SHI items 2540382 to 2540390

Uralla SHI items 2540391 to 2540400

Uralla SHI items 2540401 to 2540410

Uralla SHI items 2540411 to 2540420

Uralla SHI items 2540421 to 2540430

Uralla SHI items 2540431 to 2540437