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Destination 2036

The Minister for Local Government has launched the final Destination 2036 action plan.

The Destination 2036 Action Plan sets out the actions that will be delivered over the coming years to meet the needs of NSW communities and achieve the vision of creating strong communities through partnerships.

The action plan has been prepared by the Implementation Steering Committee and has been finalised following extensive consultation with councils and other stakeholders.

What is Destination 2036?

Over the next 10, 20 and 25 years, our population, technologies and economy are going to change dramatically. As the providers of core services to our communities, it is incumbent upon local government to consider what these changes will mean, both for our communities and for the councils that serve them.

Destination 2036 provides a process and a forum for local government to explore these issues and to consider and develop structures and approaches to local government in NSW that will allow the sector to meet the needs and expectations of our communities of the future.

Destination 2036 is the start of a new way of planning which moves local government in NSW from talking about and reacting to change, to managing change to create a preferred future. In effect, it will begin the strategic plan and delivery program for NSW local government, mirroring key elements of the integrated planning and reporting frameworks which individual councils are implementing.

Destination 2036 reflects the NSW Government’s commitment to work constructively with local government and to recognise local government as a partner.

Destination 2036 is being developed with the help of the Local Government and Shires Associations (LGSA), the Local Government Managers Australia (NSW) (LGMA) and the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG).

Over 350 representatives from every council in the State gathered in Dubbo on 17 and 18 August 2011 to begin the process of creating a strong and viable local government sector.


Division of Local Government - Destination 2036 Action Plan