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Policy 1.2.09 - Internal Reporting

Uralla Shire Council is committed to the aims and objectives of the Protected Disclosures Act, 1994 and recognises the value and importance of contributions of staff to enhance administrative and management practices and strongly supports disclosures being made by staff or Councillors who disclose corrupt conduct, maladministration, or serious and substantial waste of public money.

This Policy establishes an Internal Reporting System for the reporting of disclosures of corrupt conduct, maladministration or serious or substantial waste of public money by Uralla Shire Council, its staff and Councillors.

The system enables such internal disclosures to be made to the Disclosure Coordinator, a Nominated Disclosure Officer, or the Mayor, as an alternative to the General Manager.

This Policy is designed to complement normal communication channels between supervisors and staff. Staff are encouraged to continue to raise appropriate matters at any time with their supervisors, but as an alternative, have the option of making a Protected Disclosure in accordance with this Policy.

For the purposes of this policy, the investigating authorities are:

Please click on the link below to view Policy 1.2.09 - Internal Reporting, reviewed 28 September, 2009.

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General Manager
Phone: 02 6778 6300
Fax: 02 6778 5073

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Policy 1.2.09 - Internal Reporting (pdf 58kb)

Internal Reporting Policy - February 2008 (pdf 68kb)