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October 2011 Extraordinary Business Paper

Please click on the links to view the Business Paper Reports to the 20 October 2011 Extraordinary Meeting of Council.

Contact details
General Manager
Phone: 02 6778 6300
Fax: 02 6778 6349

Download documents

Report to the 20 October 2011 Extraordinary Meeting of Council (pdf 5Mb)

Attachments to the Item 1 Report

Attachment A: Draft Uralla Local Environment Plan 2011 - Written Instrument

Uralla Draft LEP - 2011 (pdf 1Mb)

Attachment B: Draft Uralla Local Environment Plan 2011 - Maps

Map List (pdf 14kb)

Land Application Map
LAP_001 (pdf 851kb)

Land Zoning Map
LZN_001 (pdf 402kb)
LZN_001A (pdf 167kb)
LZN_002 (pdf 299kb)
LZN_002A (pdf 142kb)
LZN_003 (pdf 157kb)
LZN_004 (pdf 507kb)
LZN_004A (pdf 144kb)
LZN_004B (pdf 180kb)
LZN_004C (pdf 227kb)
LZN_004D (pdf 145kb)
LZN_005 (pdf 218kb)

Lot Size Map
LSZ_001 (pdf 426kb)
LSZ _001A (pdf 167kb)
LSZ _002 (pdf 312kb)
LSZ _002A (pdf 142kb)
LSZ _003 (pdf 156kb)
LSZ _004 (pdf 537kb)
LSZ _004A (pdf 142kb)
LSZ _004B (pdf 186kb)
LSZ _004C (pdf 218kb)
LSZ _004D (pdf 144kb)
LSZ _005 (pdf 226kb)

Flood Planning Map
FLD_001A (pdf 154kb)

Heritage Map
HER_001 (pdf 373kb)
HER _001A (pdf 152kb)
HER _002 (pdf 286kb)
HER _004 (pdf 513kb)
HER _004B (pdf 192kb)
HER _004C (pdf 219kb)
HER _004D (pdf 136kb)
HER _005 (pdf 212kb)

Land Reservation Acquisition Map
LRA_001 (pdf 832kb)

Drinking Water Catchment Map
DWC_001 (pdf 377kb)
DWC _001A (pdf 151kb)
DWC _004 (pdf 492kb)
DWC _005 (pdf 212kb)

Attachment C: Draft Uralla Local Environment Plan 2011 - Matrix

Uralla LEP Matrix (pdf 55kb)

Attachment D: Report on Submissions by Independent Consultant Dr John Wolfenden

Report on Submissions (pdf 633kb)

Attachment E: Submissions to the Draft Uralla Local Environmental Plan 2011

Submissions Index (pdf 180kb)
Submissions (1-20) (pdf 3Mb)
Submissions (21-38) (pdf 2Mb)
Submissions (39-41) (pdf 5Mb)

Attachments to the Item 2 Report

Attachment A: Uralla Shire Council Draft Development Control Plan 2011

Draft Development Control Plan (pdf 5Mb)

Attachment B: Treatment of Bundarra Flood Planning Area in Draft LEP and DCP

Treatment of Bundarra Flood Planning Area in Draft LEP and DCP (pdf 190kb)