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Kentucky Progress Association

To improve the village and facilities of Kentucky for the community.

Meetings are held first Monday in February, May, August and November at 7.00pm in the Kentucky Memorial Hall. Special meetings and AGM as advertised.

The next AGM, in which all positions will be declared vacant, will be held at 7:00pm, Monday, 3 February 2014 in the Kentucky Memorial Hall, Noalimba Avenue, Kentucky.

Currently the KPA exists due to a very small group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about improving their community for the benefit of all its residents and visitors. Due to increasing commitments for some of the KPA members in 2012 the Association is actively trying to recruit more members so as to continue with all the exciting projects that already exist such as the KPA Markets and Kids of Kentucky Activities. The KPA also hope to explore new projects in the future.

Organised by the Kentucky Progress Association, the "Kids of Kentucky" youth group meets once a month at the Kentucky Memorial Hall for various activities and outings.

Seasonal Craft & Produce Market
Kentucky Progress Association’s next “Seasonal Craft & Produce Market” Day is: TBA
Featuring local Kentucky businesses, local produce & locally made crafts, each market will be held in the Kentucky Memorial Hall on the 2nd Sunday of each season with a 9.00am start & 1.00pm finish.

We encourage all potential stall holders to become involved and be a part of this significant occasion for our community.


December 2013 (pdf 95kb)

December 2012 (pdf 201kb)

Contact details
Rod McGrath, President
Kentucky General Store
46 Noalimba Avenue
Kentucky NSW 2354
Phone: 02 6778 7320