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New England Development Strategy

The New England Development Strategy was prepared for the New England Strategic Alliance Councils. The Alliance comprises the four local government areas (LGAs) of Armidale Dumaresq, Guyra, Uralla and Walcha.

The Strategy outlines key land use policies and principles for the four LGAs, and provides the planning context for the preparation of local environmental plan (LEP) provisions. The Strategy has a time frame of approximately 25 years, to 2032.

The intent of the Strategy is to:

  • Recommend actions for achieving the vision prepared by each Council for its LGA
  • Make recommendations for achieving sustainable land use in the Sub-region
  • Facilitate preparation of a single LEP or consistent LEPs for the New England Sub-region to simplify the planning process and help ensure that the Councils take coordinated planning decisions

The Development Strategy identifies where growth and change is expected to occur, and land use planning objectives and strategies to guide this growth and change. It also identifies infrastructure requirements to support development, and informs local and state government budget processes.

The Strategy has been prepared with funding under the Department of Planning and Infrastructure’s Planning Reform Funding Program. Preparation of the Strategy has been overseen by a Development Strategy Working Group comprising representatives from the four Councils and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure, and involved the following steps:

1. Review of key planning issues

2. Consultation with relevant State agencies

3. Preparation and public exhibition of a Situation Analysis report

4. Community consultation workshops

5. Preparation and public exhibition of the Strategy 

The Situation Analysis report provides a profile of the New England Sub-region and each LGA. It presents key background data and has established the key land use planning issues and strategic priorities and actions to be considered in the preparation of the Development Strategy and LEP. A summary of the information in the Situation Analysis has been included in the Strategy.

Download documents

New England Development Strategy (pdf 5Mb)

Situation Analysis Report (pdf 10Mb)