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Community Based Heritage Study

Council resolved on 25 February 2013 to adopt Part 2 of the Uralla Community Based Heritage Study 2013 and to prepare a planning proposal as a result of its recommendations. The planning proposal will amend the Uralla Local Environmental Plan 2012 by listing 210 properties as ‘items of environmental heritage’ under Schedule 5 Part 1 and making changes to Heritage Conservation Area “C03” being the Uralla Commercial Precinct as listed in Schedule 5 Part 2, and by including a further 3 precincts as Heritage Conservation Areas. This will affect 83 properties, some of which will not be listed as ‘items of environmental heritage’ under Schedule 5 Part 1.

A Gateway Determination will be requested from the Department of Planning & Infrastructure after the planning proposal has been prepared. The Gateway Determination will outline all community consultation requirements for Council to undertake.

A copy of the report to Council, resolution and supporting documentation are below:

Council Report - 25 February 2013 (pdf 13Mb)

Report Attachment A - Consultant Report (pdf 9Mb)

Report Attachment B - Uralla State Heritage Inventory - January 2013 (pdf 5Mb)

Report Attachment C - Maps of precincts C03, C05, C06 and C07 (pdf 1Mb)

Report Attachment D - Submission Summary (pdf 3Mb)

Report Attachment E - Submissions 1-10 (pdf 12Mb)

Report Attachment E - Submissions 11-21 (pdf 13Mb)

Report Attachment F - Vegetation State Inventory Sheets (pdf 4Mb)

Report Attachment G - Heritage Advisor's Report (pdf 39kb)

Report Attachment H - Inventory Sheets for 15 and 19 king Street, Uralla (pdf 3Mb)

Resolution (pdf 6Mb)

The aim of the Community Based Heritage Study is to investigate the history of the Uralla local government area, identify, and then assess, items and places of heritage significance that demonstrate this history. The study explains why the items are significant and recommends ways to manage and conserve this significance.

The Uralla Community Based Heritage Study 2013 contains:

  • a history of the area using the NSW historic themes (Part 1 completed in 2010 );
  • research and field work that describe the identified heritage items and a condition survey for each heritage item identified during the study;
  • summary inventory sheets for each significant heritage item, including a heritage assessment and statement of significance;
  • study-wide and specific heritage item management and promotional recommendations. 

It also provides information to support:

  • the community’s sense of identity – including its beginnings, the present and its potential.
  • future management of heritage items;
  • education programs to raise awareness about the community’s heritage assets, for better understanding and appreciation;
  • community engagement and sense of ownership of its heritage assets;
  • heritage tourism strategies that can generate business in the local area, and target a range of special heritage places that council can support and promote to visitors;
  • recommendations for a Council cultural plan.

Uralla Community Based Heritage Study 2013 Part 1 (pdf 4Mb)

Uralla Community Based Heritage Study 2013 Part 2 (pdf 777kb)