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State of the Environment Report

What is a “State of Environment Report” and how do we use it?

A State of Environment Report (SoE) is a statement summarising the activities relevant to the environmental goals of the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) that have been undertaken by Council during its term.  
The aims of an SoE are given in Section 428 A of the Local Government Act as:
(a)          to establish relevant environmental indicators for each environmental objective, and 
(b)          to report on, and update trends in, each such environmental indicator, and 
(c)           to identify all major environmental impacts (being events and activities that have a major impact on environmental objectives). 
The State of Environment Report should be used to review how successfully we are progressing toward the CSP goals, and in doing so identify corrective action, new pathways and actions (where required) toward achieving improved environmental outcomes across the Shire.  This State of Environment Report will accompany the Uralla Shire Council Annual Report for 2016 and as part of the end of term documents. 
This report covers the period 2012 – 2016. It showcases the responses which Council, in partnership with our residents, community groups and other agencies, is implementing in order to reduce the impact of environmental issues, and in some cases, make our lifestyles more sustainable.

The full report is available to view and download via the link below.

Contact details
Uralla Shire Council
Technical Services Department
Phone: 02 6778 6390

Download document

State of Environment Report - 2012 to 2016 (PDF 998kb)


Archived State of the Environment Reports