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2015–2025 Community Strategic Plan

Under the NSW Government's framework for integrated planning and reporting, each council must prepare a number of plans, which provide details on how it intends to deliver services and infrastructure in the short and long term, based on community priorities that have been identified through the community engagement, conducted in line with the council's Community Engagement Strategy.  (PDF 2267 KB).

The Community Strategic Plan 2015-2025 (PDF  2643 KB) sets out community goals for the next 10 years, and outlines strategies & measures to achieve the goals.

The Community Strategic Plan is related to two (2) other vital plans:

  • The Delivery Program 2015-2017 (PDF 1MB). The Delivery Program 2015-17 identifies what part of the Community Strategic Plan the Council is responsible for, and sets the specific priorities for the term of office. 
  • 2016-2017 Operational Plan (PDF 4,209 KB). The  Operational Plan specifies the actions and programs to be undertaken in the current year, in support of the Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program. 

 These plans are supported by a Resourcing Strategy, which is made up of:

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