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May 2010 Business Paper

Please click on the links to view Reports to 24 May 2010 Ordinary Meeting of Council including:

  • Mayor's Report - Cr R Filmer
  • Councillor's Report - Cr I Strutt
  • General Manager's Reports - Governance and Administration/ Health and Building / Planning
  • Have Your Say
  • Director of Administrative Services' Report - Administration and Finance / Community Services
  • Director of Engineering Services' Report - Technical Services
  • Mailout to Councillors
  • Minutes of Committee Meetings

Contact details
General Manager
Phone: 02 6778 6300
Fax: 02 6778 5073

Download documents

Mayor Filmers May 2010 Report (pdf 345kb)

Cr Strutt's May 2010 Report (pdf 197kb)

General Manager's Governance and Administration May 2010 Report (pdf 7Mb)

General Manager's Health and Building May 2010 Report (pdf 5Mb)

General Manager's Planning May 2010 Report (pdf 3Mb)

Have Your Say May 2010 (pdf 51kb)

Director of Administrative Services' Administration and Finance May 2010 Report (pdf 333kb)

Director Administrative Services' Community Services May 2010 Report (pdf 390kb)

Director of Engineering Services' May 2010 Report (pdf 1Mb)

Mailout to Councillors May 2010 (pdf 279kb)

Minutes of Committee Meetings May 2010 Report (pdf 758kb)