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August 2010 Business Paper

Please click on the links to view the Business Paper Reports to the 30 August 2010 Ordinary Meeting of Council including:

  • Mayoral Minute from Cr Ron Filmer
  • Questions on Notice from Previous Meeting
  • General Manager's Reports - Governance and Administration/Health and Building/Planning
  • Have Your Say
  • Director of Administrative Services' Report - Administration and Finance/Community Services
  • Director of Engineering Services' Report - Technical Services
  • Mailout to Councillors
  • Minutes of Committee Meetings

Contact details
General Manager
Phone: 02 6778 6300
Fax: 02 6778 5073

Download documents

Mayoral Minute from Cr R Filmer (pdf 98kb)

Questions on Notice from Previous Meeting (pdf 827kb)

General Manager's Governance and Administration Report (pdf 24Mb)

General Manager's Health and Building Report (pdf 2Mb)

General Manager's Planning Report (pdf 252kb)

General Manager's Late Planning Report (pdf 596kb)

Have Your Say Presentation to Council (pdf 53kb)

Director of Administrative Services' Administration and Finance Report (pdf 448kb)

Director of Administrative Services' Community Services Report (pdf 242kb)

Director of Engineering Services' Technical Services Report (pdf 203kb)

Mailout to Councillors Report (pdf 246kb)

Minutes of Committee Meetings (pdf 274kb)