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TCS Tamworth (KADS)

TCS Tamworth (KADS)  is auspiced by Uralla Shire Council, funded by the State and Australian Government and provides services to Aboriginal people who are aged.

Uralla Shire Council employs the staff of (KADS) to provide the day to day service management and case management for clients.

Anyone can make a referral via MyAgedCare, telephone 1800 200 422. You may make the enquiry yourself or ask your family, friends or your Doctor to make the referral on your behalf.

On receipt of a referral, eligibility for a service is determined and referrals prioritized and you will be notified of the outcome. A staff member will then do a home visit and discuss with you the type of services you require. They will develop a Care Plan with you, arrange the services you require and visit with you regularly to ensure the service is continuing to meet your needs.

If you would like assistance or want to know more information on any of the services below please:-

Home Care Packages
Home Care Packages are funded by the Australian Government and are designed to support elderly Aboriginal people who wish to remain in their own home, in familiar surroundings, rather than move to residential care.

Before being accepted into this program, a member of the Aged Care Assessment team will visit you to determine your eligibility for this program. A Case Manager from TCS Tamworth will then do a home visit to help you plan the assistance you need, record what you have decided and arrange the care you need and provide ongoing monitoring of your services.