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Application for a Variation of a Decision
There are a number of options available for people to make applications to vary a decision relating to some applications and certificates. Council Officers can provide information on the options available.

Amending a Consent
Amending or ‘Modifying’ a consent allows the applicant to change certain details or design elements on a development consent. Fees are payable for amending a consent.

A Review
A review of a development consent or a complying development certificate may be requested by the applicant and a post notified neighbour. Depending on the situation, the review may be carried out by Council, a Planning Arbitrator, the Planning Assessment Commission or a Joint Regional Planning Panel.

A request for a review of a complying development certificate must be lodged within 28 days and the applicant may lodge an appeal within a period ranging from 3 months to 12 months, depending on the type of development.

An appeal to the Land & Environment Court must follow the Court rules which can be ascertained from the local Clerk of Petty Sessions or a Solicitor.

An objection can be lodged to a Council decision or “development standard” which has been applied.

The objection may be decided by the Council, Planning Arbitrator or the Joint Planning Review Panel and requires endorsement of the variation from the Department of Planning.

Changes to a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate
To change a construction certificate the PCA is required to lodge details with the Council. If the modification is significant, the development consent may need to be modified as part of that change.