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Processing of Development Application or Construction Certificate

Development Application approved by Council

Preliminary enquiries with Council. It is important at this time to consider if your development may require access to roads including any classified roads (Thunderbolt's Way, Bundarra Road and New England Highway) as costs associated with access can have significant effects on the viability of a development. Additionally your development may also require connection to reticulated water, sewer and drainage(including kerb and gutter) as well as electricity and telecommunications.

Lodge your development application with Council.
Council considers the impacts of the proposal.
If satisfactory, Council will give you a development consent subject to conditions.

You need to check with Council about options for the following stages of the process, including fees payable.

Construction Certificate issued by Council or an Accredited Certifier
Apply for your construction certificate either to Council or to a qualified professional in the private sector - an "accredited certifier". If in the case of land development (ie subdivision) the application must be accompanied by detailed engineering drawings and specifications prepared by a professional in the field to which the plans pertain.

Council or an accredited certifier checks that the plans and specifications of your proposal will comply with the relevant conditions of the consent and detailed standards, including the Building Code of Australia.

Applicant Appoints Principal Certifying Authority and notifies Council

Before any works start on the site, you must appoint a principal certifying authority (PCA) - this can be either Council or an accredited certifier. 

Confirm what inspections will be done, the fee, and other requirements.

Two days' notice before work begins must be provided to Council (if you have appointed a private PCA).

Building Work Begins

Work begins in accordance with the development consent, including any conditions, and the construction certificate.

The PCA determines inspections stages.
It is likely that your builder will advise the PCA of stages of work to allow the required inspections to be done.

Occupation Certificate - Completion of works

After the works are concluded satisfactorily and you provide a fire safety certificate, if required, the PCA will issue the occupation certificate.

Customer enquiries
To find out whether you need Development Application or Complying Development Certificate please visit or call our Technical Services staff at Council’s Administration Office located at 32 Salisbury Street, Uralla telephone (02) 67786300.  Staff members are available to assist with general enquiries and in the lodgement of applications, during business hours 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

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