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Development includes the use or subdivision of land, the erection or demolition of a building, the carrying out of various works on land, and the placement of advertising signs.

Development can be allowed without consent, with a straight-forward Complying Development Certificate, or with a Development Application, usually followed by a Construction Certificate.  The criteria for this is contained in a range of development controls, some of which Council prepares and some prepared by the State Government.

The Electronic Housing Code (EHC) is an online system that allows users to investigate, prepare, lodge and track complying development applications. Users will enjoy a process that's fast, standardised, paperless and available night and day.

Uralla Shire Council is proud to offer its residents this great resource. The Council became involved in this initiative as it considered that the benefits for applicants in using the EHC included faster planning approval times, the 24/7 application process, removing the need to visit Council for advice as the planning rules can be accessed online, and the fact that applications can be submitted electronically. The system also improves access to user-friendly information on the NSW Housing Code.

From the perspective of both Councils and Certifiers, other advantages of this system includes decreased paper usage and required storage, quality assurance measures to ensure data integrity and to reduce the time spent on incorrect or unnecessary applications and improved consistency in the complying development application processes across the local government area.

Further information is available via the link below.


Electronic Housing Code