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Current Projects

1. Council has commenced the reconstruction of a 1.35 kilometre section of MR73 (Thunderbolts Way) starting 1.75 kilometres north of Uralla near Sawpit Gully. The works involve extending the existing box culvert in Sawpit Gully to provide a wider road as well as shift the existing road alignment to the east to improve the horizontal approach and gradient to the hill immediately north of Sawpit Gully Road, locally known as "Francis Hill". These works will involve extensive earthworks over the next few months including traffic deviations and some delays as various facets of the project progress.

2. Council has commenced the reconstruction of Water Gully bridge on Gostwyck Road to replace the single lane timber bridge with a two lane precast reinforced concrete bridge that has been manufactured in Armidale. The precast piles have been drilled and placed and works on the abutments will continue for the next 4 weeks before delivery of the deck and appurtenant pieces to site. A single lane side track has been constructed adjacent to the construction site to permit through traffic to continue to use the road network in the area. Road users are requested to take care when travelling the road in that area.

3. Council has commenced clearing and chipping of vegetation and trees deemed too close to the road in Eastern Ave Kentucky to enable the reconstruction of Eastern Avenue between Plug Lane and Glenroy Roads.
The existing road is developing signs of deterioration as a result of ineffective stormwater drainage due to vegetation buildup and road edges that don't allow water to run off the sealed pavement.
The road will be reconstructed to provide a 4 metre wide sealed pavement with some additional widening at the sharp corner and crest to provide a safer passage for traffic using the road.

4. Council will be replacing the 3 concrete causeways near "Shalimah" on Bergin Road with new reinforced concrete pipe culverts which have already been delivered to the sites. Council anticipates commencement of construction at the conclusion of the Water Gully Bridge project listed previously.


Uralla Simplified Strategy Presentation (pdf 1Mb)