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A ‘weed’ is a plant that needs some action to reduce its effect on the economy, the environment, human health or amenity*.

Weeds can be put in one or more of these groups:

  • Noxious weeds
  • Environmental weeds
  • Agricultural weeds
  • Weeds of National Significance (WoNS)
  • National Environmental Alert List weeds

The information below will focus on ‘Noxious weeds’ as these are weeds that landholders must, by law, control. See these websites for information about some of Australia's worst Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) or potentially significant threats National Environmental Alert List weeds.

What is a noxious weed?A ‘noxious’ weed is a plant that has been ‘declared’ within the Noxious Weeds Act 1993. Declared weeds must be controlled as they have the potential to have a serious impact on the environment, the community or economic activities (such as farming). Most but not all noxious weeds are non native; some are aquatic.

The Noxious Weeds Act 1993 is administered by the Department of Primary Industries (Industry & Investment NSW) and implemented and enforced by Local Government authorities, including New England Weeds Authority (New England Tablelands County Council).

There are five classes of noxious weeds with different control requirement such as requiring landholders to eradicate it, or supress it, prevent its spread, or prohibiting any person to sell or purchase the weed. Category 5 noxious weeds are ‘notifiable’: that is, the law requires a person who finds one on their land to notify the local authority and follow proceedures to ensure that it does not spread.

Which weeds are noxious?
The list of weeds that are currently declared noxious in the Uralla Shire can be found on this NSW Department of Primary Industry website

Information about how to control weeds and about particular weeds can be found on many websites including

More information including control requirements for Locally Controlled Weeds in Category 4 can be obtained from the New England Weeds Authority.

Who is responsible for controlling noxious weeds?
The occupier of the land is responsible for controlling noxious weeds. Councils have the power to require the landowner to control noxious weeds. If they fail to do so, Council may issue a notice for the control of the weed. Penalties may apply if no action is taken.

New England Weeds Authority
Uralla Shire Council contracts the New England Weeds Authority (NEWA) as the weed control authority for the Shire.

For help and advice about potential noxious weeds on your land, please contact the New England Weeds Authority on 6770 3602 or Uralla Weeds Officer 0488 711 012.

* New England Weeds Authority website, 24/05/11.