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Invasive Species

Non native plants and animals began arriving in Australia with the first Europeans and continue to come either accidentally via shipping, travelers and trade; or deliberately – as with the food import, pet or nursery trades. 

Unfortunately, the problems some of these animals and plants create have a negative effect on production and the economy, as well as Australia’s native flora and fauna.

Uralla Shire has not been immune to the impact of introduced plants and animals. The profusion of willows along our waterways, to the exclusion of native trees and shrubs and detriment of native fish, is one familiar example.

Controlling the most damaging invasive animals and plants is complex, varies from case to case, and requires commitment from many sectors.

For these reasons, this section of the website will only provide basic information on some of the invasive animals and plants found within the shire. We refer you to other agencies for advice and support to implement control plans on your property.

Additional information on foxes, rabbits, weeds and willows is available via the links below.